What Do We Do? How Do We React? How Do We Support?

We ask ourselves these questions. We ask our family members, our friends, our colleagues, and perfect strangers. In these times, which feel surreal, it has been a struggle to weigh each member’s personal safety with the mission and history of The Junior League of the Lehigh Valley as “agents of change”. The events of the past week shed light on the severity of racism that African Americans and people of color communities experience in the United States.

Ask yourself what you can do to help. Reach out and ask. Reach out and listen. Discussing race issues should not be a forbidden subject. We must begin to acknowledge how people feel. It is not okay for people to be afraid for their children and family members. By having these conversations, we will begin the process. It has been more than 20 years since Rodney King and very little has changed. People of color are being systematically killed and discriminated against. The outrage you feel at this moment must last longer than a sound byte.

We are stronger together. Stay safe.

Laureen Pellegrino
Outgoing President, JLLV

Allison Longenhagen
Incoming President, JLLV

Laura McGarry
Incoming President-Elect