Little Black Dress Initiative

The LBDI is a campaign to raise awareness of poverty in the Lehigh Valley, its effects, and the programs and services of the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley that help combat the effects of poverty. Living in poverty is one of the greatest threats to healthy child development. Leagues throughout Pennsylvania, the United States, and internationally participate in LBDI campaigns to raise awareness and funds for their neighbors in need.

LBDI participants wear the same black dress for 5 consecutive days with a pin that reads “Ask Me About My Dress” with the goal of sparking conversation and spreading awareness about the initiative and its objectives.

Campaign Goals:
1. To raise awareness of the difficulties facing those in need and without access to resources
2. To understand how limited resources can impact education in children
3. To raise funds to support the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley’s community projects such as but not limited to, food access, kindergarten readiness, and summer enrichment programs throughout the Lehigh Valley.

The first LBDI was created by the Junior League of London, whose members wore the same black dress to work, parties, dinners, and events during London’s Fashion Week to raise funds and increase awareness of poverty in the city.